Jovoto: A marketplace for empowering creative

I am always fascinated by the combination of technology, innovation and creativity…from the things I learned this past week at the BRITE conference at Columbia University, The TED conferences, PSFK and, most recently a unique website from Germany called Jovito.

jovoto links creative talent worldwide and evolves to become the largest creative department, in which the act of creation is free, collaborative and, above all, fair. jovoto was founded in 2006 at the University of the Arts, Berlin by Prof. Dr. Dr. Thomas Schildhauer and Bastian Unterberg.

Two main impulses triggered the realization of jovoto:

* In the creative industries, young talents often have the weakest standpoints, while the entire sector profits from their ideas. It is our goal to connect those who need ideas with those who have them – in a fair way.

* The increasing interconnectivity within society challenges old models of corporate communication in many ways. Only those with access to the right insights and ideas are capable to generate relevant messages, which is crucial for successful communication in the future. Interacting with the enormous pool of diverse creative talent at jovoto helps corporations and organizations to harness those insights and ideas.


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