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Friends of Bill Sobel

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Cord Cutters Survival Stories

Our friends at NewTeeVee have done a series of posts about people who have cut the cord from pay TV. The series asks “What’s working, what’s missing, and what equipment does the best job replacing the cable box?”

Some of the solutions include a Roku XDS, a Mac Mini with an EyeTV tuner, Xbox Live, Netflix, Hulu PLUS , Amazon and a plain ‘ole Dell Zinio with a web browser.

Still a bit geeky for baby-boomer me, but surely the wave of the future.


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“The Innovators” Series

We are about to announce a very exciting event in our new series “The Innovators” starting with our first program: “Lee Abrams: The Innovation Imperative.” Lee is an American media executive who has held a number of posts for large and influential companies. Most recently he was the chief innovation officer for the Tribune Company. Prior to that founded XM Satellite Radio and served as Chief Programming Officer. Abrams founded and ran notable radio consulting company Burkhart/Abrams, served as an internal consultant for ABC Radio, and helped develop nationwide radio formats such as Z-Rock and Radio Disney.

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The Network Is Your Customer – 1/26 in NY

On the morning on January 26th we want to invite you to an event that will be tied in with the launch of David Rogers new book “The Network Is Your Customer: 5 Strategies to Thrive in a Digital Age,” to be published by Yale University Press.

The event, and New York book launch will take place Wednesday morning, January 26, presented in partnership with Columbia Business School’s Center on Global Brand Leadership and SobelMedia. The event presented by David and a panel discussion with some of the leading companies that are featured in the book.

The Network Is Your Customer: Book Launch & Panel Discussion

7:30-9:30 am, January 26, 2011
At the Samsung Experience at Time Warner Center (3rd Floor, 10 Columbus Circle, 58th Street & Broadway)

FRANK ELIASON, Senior VP Social Media/Citibank
LISA HSIA, SVP/Bravo Digital Media (NBC Universal)
CARSTEN WIERWILLE, General Manager/frog design NYC
DAVID ROGERS, Executive Director/Columbia Business School, Center on Global Brand Leadership.
RUSSEL DUBNER, President of the NYC office of Edelman Worldwide

To get more information or to register: CLICK HERE.

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Content Creation to Living Room Display

While last month the movers and shakers attended NewBay Media’s 3DTV2011 event, today geeks like me were at the SMPTE/IEEE sponsored 3D Workshop. Here are some take-aways:

  • 2011 should be the make-it or break it year for consumer 3D as Panasonic helps underwrite the Discovery/Sony 3D channel and ESPN promises 100 original events on its 3D network.
  • Visio is expected to come out with a line of “pattern retarder” 3D TV’s that use cheap polarized glasses like you wear in the movies.
  • Remember the Viewmaster? Expect to see a lot of consumer 3D cameras at January’s Consumer Electronics Show (CES).
  • Most ill effects from 3D viewing are a result of poor choices made during capture & post production. Duh.
  • 3D content is shot and mastered for a certain screen size and viewing distance. Features should be remastered for home viewing else “viewing sickness” could result.
  • In real life your eyes converge and focus in the same place. In projected 3D, your eyes are always focused on the screen. (Which is why 3D may not be healthy for children or other some other living things.)
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